SOL SEID Scholarship

The Professional Engineers in Construction of New Jersey present a Scholarship each year that is dedicated to the memory of Sol Seid, P.E., as a way of recognizing his contributions to the industry and in particular to the New Jersey Professional Engineers in Construction organization. This award provides young engineers, aware of their responsibility and obligations, to develop and adhere to their own set of ethical values and to support organizations that seek to improve their standing in the community and society as a whole. The following is the NJPEC Resolution with regard to the Sol Seid Scholarship.

Whereas Sol Seid, P.E., exemplified professionalism throughout his engineering career and particularly as a member of the New Jersey Professional Engineers in Construction, be it resolved that the Engineering Student Award made annually at the Bonhag Awards Dinner Dance be hereafter known as the Sol Seid Engineer Student Award. Be it further resolved that recognition of Sol's lifelong engineering achievement be made known each year to those engineering students nominated for the award at their nominating luncheon and to those assembled at the Annual Awards Dinner Dance during the award presentation.

The award is made each year to a 3rd year / junior student in engineering or engineering technology. The Committee evaluates nominees from a number of schools including:

Nominees represent a diversity of background and experience and an excellence in their academic achievements.

The criteria for the award are:

A student is nominated by their professor and is required to submit a resume, current transcript, letter of recommendation from their professor and a personal letter of interest to the Scholarship Committee for review with each item contributing to the final decision.

The Committee, consisting of various members of the PEC, invites the nominees to a luncheon where the final component of the selection process takes place - the interview. As a unique component of the process, the Interview is conduction with all the nominees at once. During the interview luncheon the students discuss: personal background, topics of study, work experience, construction interest, extra-curricular activities, and goals for the future. Often times the final decision comes down to the ability of a candidate to present their case as to why they should get the scholarship.

The decision is made shortly after the luncheon is completed. The runners-up will receive a plaque recognizing their nomination and the winner is invited to attend the Annual Bonhag Dinner where they will receive their Award and Scholarship check for $10,000. The student's parents and nominating professor are invited to attend the dinner and share in the experience.


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